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23 Hidden Wedding Costs

Hidden wedding costs to remember

When planning your wedding, be aware that there are always costs you forget to consider. It is always the little things you forget; the niggly details that go unnoticed until right at the last minute and then need to move money around to find the money to make sure it is covered. Below, I have listed a few things you may want to think about including in your list. Some may be a definite cost you should include, and others may be costs you wouldn’t think about until last minute. You may find that some are optional extras too.


  • Registering your marriage – a cost that is constantly overlooked. Check with your local Register office or place of worship for these costs.
  • Insurance – it is well worth investing in some wedding insurance. You will be parting with a large amount of money throughout your engagement and should make sure it is covered for any eventuality.
  • Hen & Stag parties – people don’t always think to add these costs into their wedding budget, but they should. Researchers have found that on average, pre-wedding parties in the UK can cost anything from £464, whereas pre-wedding parties held abroad can cost anything from £1,000. That’s a lot of money for an unlisted wedding cost.
  • Service charges – check with your venues to see what their policy is on service charges.
  • Corkage – If you wish to take your own drinks to your venue, there may be a fee. The average can be between £5-£11 per bottle.
  • Stamps & envelopes – some things you will need to pay for if you want to send out those invites!
  • Delivery costs – do you need flowers, decorations, cake etc… delivered to your venues? Check for added delivery costs.
  • Relocation fees – for flowers and decorations if you are having them moved between locations.
  • Photographer/videographer meals – you may not think you would need to include a meal for your photographer/videographer, but remember they will be with you all day without being able to stop for much time to get refreshments. They may incorporate into their contract that you must provide a meal for them during the day. Some may not do this, but you may wish to provide it anyway.
  • Fee to video musicians – some live musicians may charge a fee for being videoed at your wedding so make sure to ask. It would be good to check with them before you book.
  • VAT
  • Make-up trials – you might want to avoid doing your own make up but remember, you may need to have a trial before the day. Don’t forget to factor in that cost.
  • Hair trials – hair trials will need to be done in advance too. You will probably need more than one if you do not know how you wish to have your hair styled.
  • Beauty treatments – as your big day gets closer, you may decide to have a beauty therapy day. Manicures, pedicures, facial, massages, eyebrows etc…
  • Wedding underwear – all important support for under your dress plus something else for after!
  • Dress alterations & dry-cleaning – your dress may need altering closer to your day and will need dry cleaning after. Don’t forget to incorporate those costs.
  • Day after outfit – do you need an outfit for the day after? Can’t find anything in your wardrobe? Make sure to include a small cost just in case you want or need to purchase something new.
  • Refreshments for getting ready – if you are getting ready at your venue, be sure to ask if morning refreshments are included in your venue cost. Could it be something you could add? You and your party may need to line your stomach ready for the day.
  • Cake cutting charge – you will need to find out if your venue charges for bringing in and cutting your own cake.
  • Passports for honeymoon – check to see if your current passport is in date or whether you will need a new one. It currently costs £75.50 for a new passport if you apply online, £85 if you apply via post. (Prices correct as of Nov 2018).
  • Gifts for bridal party – if you wish to get presents for those that are part of your bridal party, it is best to have a budget cut out for them. That way, you won’t be rushing around at the end and going over budget to cover whatever you buy.
  • Thank you notes – for all those people who attended your wedding and gave you gifts and cards. Don’t forget the vendors who helped create the wedding of your dreams. Their hard work matters too.
  • Printing charges – for those pictures you may wish to print afterwards. Yes, you will have your photographer’s photos (you should also need to include the cost of an album from them afterwards!), but you may also have some taken by guests or yourselves that you would like to be printed.


These are what I have found to be the most likely hidden costs in your wedding planning. As previously stated, not all may apply to you. It is better to budget for all sorts rather than have to factor it in later. If you think there is anything missing that I could add, please feel free to get in touch!


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