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How To Find Your Perfect Venue

First steps in your venue search

So, you’ve finally decided on a budget and are now ready to start looking for a venue. But, unless you already have your ideal venue in mind, you have no idea where to start your search. Below, is a countdown to the first steps on how to find your perfect venue.


10. Guest List. Work out your guest list for the day and then determine how many people you are inviting to each part of your day. This will help determine the size of the venue you will need. Too big, your guests could feel lost and cold; too small, it could feel stuffy and overcrowded. It doesn’t have to be your final guest list; even a rough version will help you eliminate unsuitable places immediately.


9. Budget. Yes, you’ve decided on your budget but now you need to work out the cost per person, so you have a total budget for your venue. You need to know how much you can afford per person.


8. Location. Do you want to be married abroad or in the UK? Somewhere local to where you grew up or somewhere that is special to you both? When you have made this decision, you can start researching the area for potential venues. Consider elderly relatives who may not be able to travel far or walk up lots of stairs. It might be worth looking for somewhere with great transport connections or consider a way to transport a large group of people to and from your venue.


7. Supply. What do you want your venue to offer? Do you want a venue that can provide the full package, i.e. catering, ceremony and accommodation. Or do you want a marquee? In which case, you will need to organise everything separately, and only need a field near your ceremony venue. If you want a venue to supply catering, are you happy with the type of menu they are providing?


6. Organisation. How much of the planning do you want to do yourselves? If you like organising things down to the smallest details, you would be better to have a venue where you will need to organise all suppliers separately. Do you have a busy lifestyle and/or live a distance away from your venue? It might be more practical to have someone make those decisions for you. If so, go back to your budget and see whether you can afford to hire a wedding planner.


5. Non-negotiables. List your non-negotiables; the things you aren’t willing to compromise on. You will generally have an idea of how you can see your day and you will need to make sure the venue you are opting for is able to accommodate your requirements.


4. Lighting.  On your wedding day, the lighting in and around your venue will be important, especially for your photos. Is there plenty of light? What does the outdoor space look like?


3. Visiting. Before making your decision, make sure to visit venues more than once. Yes, it can be time-consuming but worth it so your venue is absolutely right for you. Booking your venue is a big thing and will affect every other supplier choice you make. Remember, there’s no rush.


2. Open Mind. When searching for your venue, be open minded. Not every venue will give you goosebumps or butterflies in the stomach. You may even find that an unexpected venue could be perfect for your day. When looking at venues online, you may automatically dismiss unusual venues. Don’t. Visit them, even if it is just once. You never know what such places can be like without seeing it through your own eyes.


1. ‘The Feeling’. Having butterflies in your stomach is a sure-fire way to know you have found the right venue. A venue is even better if you can already imagine yourself walking down the aisle there.


Always remember that it does take time to find the perfect venue. Don’t just get overexcited and book the first venue you see. It’s almost like buying a house; you can fall in love with a few, but it doesn’t mean they are necessarily right for you. When you have shortlisted a few venues, have a list of questions to ask when you visit, so that you have all the details you need to make your decision.

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